Saturday, August 27, 2011


First, I would like to thank everyone for making my first entry such a success!!! It was more than I expected.... I don't have much words to say, but really I'm overwhelmed by positive feedback... and that makes me think of some wacky and exciting things to put on this blog since we can't deny the fact that some of you are expecting a quality blog!!! Hahahaha... But seriously, that was greatly appreciated. Cheers!!! 

And now let's talk about something that will bring you back to memory lane...

For someone like me who loves watching horror movies with disturbing scenes and twists, no one can stop me to keep asking for more... But before addiction to horror movies took place, I was a fan of the MGB Halloween Special... What's MGB anyway? MGB stands for "Magandang Gabi Bayan", a news magazine show and public service program of ABS-CBN hosted originally by Noli "Kabayan" De Castro that started airing in the late 80's and aired it's last episode in 2005 with new sets of hosts Katherine De Castro, Henry Omaga Diaz and Erwin Tulfo (anchors who took over after Kabayan's decision to join politics in 2001). Anyway, the said show, as far as I know, became one of the most watched shows in the Philippines when they aired their first HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. It gained such an outstanding viewership that the team decided to do that kind of episode once a year. 

The team behind this really worked hard for its production. And as a result, they never failed to have an entertaining tv special with flawless special effects. Or at least, as flawless as the special effects went back then. Aside from that, it's totally disturbing everytime you try to fit into the shoes of the one who experienced the paranormal thing. I was such a big fan of it! I can still remember the times when my cousins and I were always looking forward to watching it with all lights off. Also expect that on the next school day, the halloween episode will undeniably be the talk of the town inside the campus. I can say that MGB Halloween specials gave good memories, not to mention its influence that increased my interest in the horror genre... And now, for those folks asking if Kabayan is going to host  an MGB Halloween-like special this year... Well, the long wait is over!!! MoliBLOG tweeted Kat De Castro (Kabayan's daughter) and she confirmed that a Halloween special will air this year and will be hosted by Noli De Castro... see our exchange of tweets below: 

                       Another tweet... August 23, 2011

You read it first here, now brace yourselves for another exciting tv special that will come your way very soon... Something to look forward to for the last quarter before we say goodbye to 2011... I'm freaking excited... yeah!!! Well let me end this by giving you unforgettable MGB Halloween chapters... Sit back, relax... and enjoy... till then!!!

Note: I don't own this video and I would like to give credit to the person who uploaded it... No copyright infringement intention as well...

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